Compartmentation / Fire Stopping Surveys

Without the proper preventative measures in place, a fire can rapidly spread vertically and horizontally through the structural integrity of a building putting many lives at risk. A fire stopping survey can ensure that this isn’t the case should a fire event unfortunately occur.

The fire stopping survey will determine areas where fire resisting walls have been breached so the correct remedial works can be performed to restrict the spread of fire and smoke through your building. Any penetrations in the fire resisting barriers throughout should be fire-stopped using the approved products in the correct applications. It is also vital to ensure the fire resisting element is maintained above fire doors.

We will identify the problem areas, and perform a detailed inspection above suspended ceilings, loft spaces and between floors to ensure fire cannot extend through the building by means of travelling through the voids.

Our surveyors are knowledgeable of the following: –

  • Fire stopping techniques, products and materials.
  • Fire doors and the need to fire stop around door frames.
  • Compartmentation required between floors and around risk areas.
  • BS 476 and associated standards for fire resistance testing.

Our clients receive a professionally produced survey report that is easy to understand with a list of recommendations and should any question arise our expert team are always happy to assist.

We have a team of contractors on hand to provide quotations for remedial works if necessary.

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