Fire Door Inspection & Surveys

Feb 1, 2023 | News | 0 comments

It goes without saying that, in the event of a fire, it is critical that exit and entrance points not only provide a safe means of evacuation but are also engineered to provide an effective barrier against the spread of smoke and fire.
We’ve designed our in-depth, 38-point fire door inspection checklist in accordance with current regulations, giving you peace of mind that you’re meeting your professional compliance and insurance cover requirements. This includes: –
Verifying that all fire doors in your establishment meet the required specification, installation and maintenance levels.
Checking functionality, correct installation and effectiveness of key elements including Door Hold Open devices, fire tested glazing, and intumescent seals and door strips.
Advising on required measurement and critical dimension, which consider human factors such as ease of evacuation for wheelchair users.
To arrange your in-depth fire door inspection, contact: – [email protected]


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